Unconditional love or blind adoration?
  As is often said about unconditional love and imply adoration! And Vice versa: for adoration does not distinguish love. It seems to be very close to these concepts: in both cases the child is…


Adaptation of first-graders to school
Your first day of school first graders are looking forward and very excited, because they begin a new "adult" life. For parents beginning of school life is also a serious challenge and a cause for…


The Story about abortion: They were sure that I don't hear anything.
 A story about abortion: They were sure that I don't hear anything. THEY were in a compartment together and talked about murder. To kill should have been me. They spoke calmly, as if he was…



How to improve relations with her husband

Table of contents:

When family boat is leaking, do not let her go to the bottom almost always under force to any woman — because each of us at birth is a bit of a psychologist. Husbands, causing wives adverse reactions are divided into several types, and all of them require a special approach.

Violent husbands

It is unclear why and for what reason would a man often yells, picking on every little detail. Life with that resembles a powder keg, I do not know when can “jerk”.

With this husband try to keep track of your emotions. You want to be offended, upset, lock yourself in a room, to give vent to tears. Do not do it.

Most often the cause of temper inherent in the person and depends on his psychological type, temperament and level of culture. But there are also external factors that affect spontaneous release of emotions. This, for example, may be in trouble at work. A man whose professional life is not going smoothly, just doesn’t know how to free yourself from nervous tension emotions and lashes out at his wife, who is always near.

In such cases, you can build a relationship of trust, learning to tell Continue reading

Son again came home with bruises

the Anecdote

– What is the situation with the national projects? – sneakily asked the Minister.

– The job is running. noncommittal Ministers.

Chef interviews malenkoy a pretty blonde who came to find work as a Secretary:

– You have the summary says what you type at a speed of 1000 characters per minute. Is this true?

– Woman’s butt. Don’t believe – pinch.

COP stops student and says the documents show.

— Well, don’t work, then.

— Yes, don’t work.

— well, the money the state program means.

— Yes, program.

” uh, students from.

Hello, this is the morgue?

– No, it’s bath!

Damn, made a mistake, and I morgue needed.

– Well, maybe I’ll wash up?

– Where does your husband work?

Third day of the month or at the distillery. Continue reading