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Why is the child crying?
  Newborns often give voice to them is the only way to inform that something is wrong. How to understand the intonations of a child's crying? Do I need to rush headlong to the kid…


Multimedia presentations in teaching preschoolers
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What is crying newborn?


Chapter from the Handbook for nurses ’s Successful breastfeeding and psychological unity of the mother-child”, written by order of the Ministry of health with support from who/UNICEF

During the first three months of life, all babies cry a lot. Crying — this is the only way a newborn the mother to report that he is bad. To the baby form a good a good impression about the world, none of his request for assistance should not be neglected. Moreover, the mother’s reaction should be immediate. The sooner the mother comes to the child for help, the less it suffers the nervous system and the more favorable is his impression of the new environment.

Interestingly, the relationship between mother and child crying dictates her intellectual level and cultural roots. The children of Americans and natives in Western Europe cry more often and longer and this is due to the mother’s reaction to the great rallying cry of a baby. Anthropologist at Cornell University and author of the book “Our children, ourselves” Meredith small says: “In the West, the mother responds to the cry of their child, on average, after one minute — she usually picks him up and soothes. Children, born there, where still remained primitive civilization of hunters and gatherers (in Botswana, for example), cry as often, but time — half. Continue reading

Expression of unconditional love

Unconditional love is an essential part of parental care. Without the existence of love without conditions to any child it’s hard to feel loved and welcome. I want to suggest to read some pedagogical theory about how we can Express the deep sense of love and gratitude to the child or young person, that we genuinely feel for him. The majority of parents, teachers, caregivers truly love children. But the question is, is the kids know that we really love them unselfishly and always, no matter what the conditions?

Why is it important for the child to feel that he is loved? Because in the period of childhood in every person creates his or her own “I”. In the same period, the child learns about the reliability or the hostile world into which he came, to develop a sense of confidence to yourself and others. Dose of love received in childhood, the child will develop the appropriate attitude. We adults are responsible for something that the child has received enough joy, positive emotions, warmth and generosity.

All the complexity is that the child is still small, he sees and perceives the world and adults are not the way we do. Children are not able to think critically and analyze our words, actions. They perceive every word we say, perfect action.

Children are a blank sheet of paper that you will write, and read. The child Continue reading

Parenting without punishments and cry

The efficiency of the presented here educational methods has been repeatedly confirmed in practice. If in the process of upbringing you usually resort to shouting and punishments, then this book will help you to rethink this approach. Following the advice of authors, you will easily be able to maintain discipline, to avoid conflicts, and in addition, will teach children the most important life lesson – teach them to love and empathize, to maintain peace and tranquility in the family.

The book is made in the form of a Handbook that will allow readers to quickly and easily find ways to solve those or other behavioral problems. It is addressed to all parents who seek to avoid rigid and educational measures to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house. Here you will find answers to eternal questions and problems of education with which millions of parents face every day.

All children, even the obedient, from time to time behave far better. This is especially true of preschool, and family environment (safe or not) often does not matter. The fact that kids (as parents) are different from each other in temperament and socio-economic Continue reading