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Multimedia presentations in teaching preschoolers

Probably, it is impossible to imagine the modern development of society and production without information and communication technologies. There is no doubt that own a PC have every educated person. PC quickly enters into the life of our child. Almost all parents, developing and teaching the little one, acquire computer program. First is cute “keyboard barabanki” for the little ones who love to Bang on the keyboard, but still do not know how to use a mouse, then a huge variety of computer games.

The computer is a powerful means of learning and self-development baby!

The ability of the computer to reproduce the information at the same time in the form of text, graphic images, sound, speech, video, and remember with great speed to process data enables professionals to create multimedia presentations, electronic children’s books and encyclopedias.

What are the opportunities in teaching preschoolers pose a multimedia presentation?

Unlike conventional means of teaching media technologies significantly extend the capabilities of the parents in the field of early development, contribute to the successful realization of intellectual and creative abilities of the child; allow not only to satiate his large, sterile, appropriately organized knowledge, but also, which is very important in early childhood are taught to independently acquire new knowledge!

“Presentation is training a cartoon, this electronic sound book with beautiful pictures, this is a great book for moms to tell their child about the world as she sees it, without leaving your home and not flying in a far country” Victoria Kuznetsova, the author of the site

Compared with traditional forms of teaching preschoolers multimedia presentation has several advantages:

The presentation carries shaped the type of information that is understandable for preschoolers; gives kids a system of mental images. Little pochemuchka interested in lots of things: from morning till night questions seemed to pour from him. How to explain, it is clear to tell and not to push, not to extinguish a child’s curiosity and inquisitive mind? An adult is fundamentally different from the baby: in order to understand something, it is enough to listen to a verbal explanation, and well-developed verbal – logical thinking will do the trick. The saying “better to see once than hear a hundred times”, first of all, about the little child. It was he, with his visual – figurative thinking is very clear is that you can simultaneously see, hear, to act or to estimate the effect of the object . Because it is so important when teaching a preschooler to refer to those information channels that are open.

Multimedia presentations allow you to provide training and educational material as a system of reference images of bright, filled with comprehensive structured information in the algorithmic procedure. In this case, utilized various channels of perception that allows you to lay the information is not only factual, but also in the form of associative memory children.

The computer can simulate such situations that it is impossible or difficult to see in everyday life. For example, how to show your child the process of launching missiles or the technology of paper production?

The capabilities of the computer allow you to increase the amount proposed for review of the material. Many mothers noted that this significantly increases children’s interest in knowledge, increases the level of cognitive abilities.

All parents notice that children love to repeatedly ask about the same thing, read “a hundred times” the same tale. But not to fret: in preschool children, the same program material must be repeated many times! Favorite presentation of the child can run itself, as many times as he wants, can repeat after the author of the words, learn them by heart; to surprise adults by the extent of knowledge on their own.

Use new and different methods of explaining and fixing, especially in the form of a game, involuntary attention enhances children, helps to develop arbitrary.

Learning baby electronic encyclopedia, active preschoolers. Due to the high dynamics effectively being learning, memory, actively updated vocabulary, develop imagination and creativity.

What should know modern preschooler? What you read in “kindergarten” programs?

Preschool educational standard is a requirement of the time. It is important that every child entering school have an equal starting opportunities. Here’s what you need to know the child in a publish educational fields at all levels of early childhood. This so-called minimum. The program is to familiarize your preschooler with the world. (download in. doc format) Selected e-books and encyclopedias allow you to solve a program problem and, hence, systematically and purposefully prepare your child for school.

Learning games presentation

We would like to tell you about computer learning games that are made in the form of presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

The presentation of information on the computer screen in the form of games causes children great interest; the movement, the sound, the animation for a long time attracted the attention of the child;

Problem tasks, the promotion of the child in their correct decision by the computer to stimulate cognitive activity of children;

Baby controls the tempo and the number of solved games educational objectives;

In the course of business at the computer preschooler gains confidence in himself, that he has much;

The computer is very patient, never scolds the child for the mistakes, and waits until he will fix them.

‘s training programs teach preschooler to independence, develop the skill of self-control.

Young children need a lot of help parents in performing tasks and step-by-step confirmation of their actions, and automated inspection takes for the function, free mom.

Health care of children while working with computer

Speaking about computer usage by children of preschool age, there is a question about maintaining the health and vision. The issue of “zavivanie” for the actual computer. It is reasonable to make restrictions practice with PC time – 10-15 minutes. Normally developing child at this age needs to move 70-80% of the time awake! Remember this!

In conclusion, the use of the computer is another area where you can successfully combine the receipt of useful knowledge with the development of intellectual and creative abilities.

The use of educational multimedia presentations can improve the efficiency of the learning process and child development, opens new opportunities in education, constantly supports the parents in a creative quest.