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Developmental activities with a child in 8 months

Many parents believe that the games – this is a complete trigger for development, and comprehensive, but it is not. The process for submitting new information requires regular replenishment and change, as a means of development . and their goals.

To understand the difference between educational games from the same exercise, let’s consider an illustrative example: finger games – they develop fine motor skills, add to passive vocabulary, learn to perform any movement, as the fingers and palm or hand. The same exercise with the involvement of the work of the fingers (e.g., modeling), provides only for the development of fine motor skills. The value of exercise is high, because the process focuses on one element, therefore, the performance increased significantly.


Developing exercise are numerous, but each of them are solely aimed at the development of any skill or skill, consider a few examples:

for fine motor skills: prepare the dough, add the salt – if the baby and try it for taste, it he will not like. Put the baby in the highchair, sprinkle the countertop with flour. Give your child a piece of dough, show how to sculpt them, break the dough into pieces and re-join, to perminate in palms, etc. When the independent process of modeling the child get bored, roll a few balls of different sizes and lay on the table, let the crumbs will collect them in a saucer or the palm of your hand. You can roll a ball, approximate diameter 7-10cm. dip it in sugar. Take the palm of the baby, cover the ball and roll it around the counter, the dough will be moved from the fingers to the wrist – this is a good massage nerve endings;

for fine motor skills: the following exercise can be done on the street – then it is not necessary to remove its effects. Take a few shallow pot (can of baking dish with low sides), each put on the bottom of different grits (it should not be completely covered), peas, counting sticks, etc. Put them in front of a sitting baby, let the palms “stir” the contents, periodically change the form content – change of tactile sensations not only become a new discovery for a child, but a good massage;

logic: take a white handkerchief and the same size transparencies, put before the child a toy and cover it with a handkerchief so that he was not lying on it, and being in a vertical position, blocked browse baby (holding a handkerchief in his hands, put him as “the wall” between the baby and the toy). Ask dad to push the “curtain” – the child will see how you can reach the toys. After several successful overcoming of such barriers by the baby, make it harder for me – in a similar manner using a film. Let’s see what will make a child – he will try to push the barrier or try to take the toy through it;

to view: buy or make yourself some volumetric images (for example, to make a chicken – paint cotton wool and glue it to the paper, and the legs, eyes, beard and comb can be drawn). A similar volume, print, or draw is not the volume figures. Put the child in front of him, show him alternately drawings of the same animal, figure or object, please note that seeing a surround pattern – the baby will pull the handle to get it or touch it;

for hearing: an important condition of such exercises is the lack of distractions, such as toys, talking close to or occupied by the cooking mom. Put the baby on his knee, and turn on the music, it can be the classics, sounds of nature, there are special songs for this exercise, in which there is a change of soundtrack. Kid will listen to the sounds without being distracted by other activities. Of course, the duration of such assignment is not long, but even a few minutes a day is enough, but having them several times a day, will gradually increase the time and listening to music.

We should not abandon other developmental tools, for example, those same games. Each element carries a certain load for toddler, and is an integral part of the complex process of comprehensive development. To conduct educational activities you can during the day, and the main condition for these is the desire and the good mood of the baby.