Snoring in children. Why child snores?
In the understanding of most people, snoring – the problem, rather, adults than children. What are your associations with the word snoring? Snoring toddler, or snoring dad or grandpa? Probably, the second. However, snoring in…


Developmental activities with a child in 8 months
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Snoring in children. Why child snores?
In the understanding of most people, snoring – the problem, rather, adults than children. What are your associations with the word snoring? Snoring toddler, or snoring dad or grandpa? Probably, the second. However, snoring in…


The education of the child

Yesterday he was an angel, and today threw a fit in the middle of the store. Mother ready to cry? ‘t need. Your child becomes an independent individual. Help him!

Two-year-old angrily tosses the toy in a beloved grandfather or loud yelling in the store, demanding the typewriter, the eighth in his collection. Everything seems to condemn you. You feel ashamed? And you should be proud of (if you have the strength). This emotional outburst is a sign that the baby develops properly. He begins to realize the importance of their desires and wants to influence your own life.

Try to understand what is happening with the baby, and teach him to behave appropriately.

What are they thinking?

Children live for today. The word “then”, “later”, “soon” is minor for them. And desires babies are very strong, and they can’t understand what you want. Trying to get his kids use proven weapon: screaming, crying, stamping feet and even rolling on the floor – the most effective way to force myself to listen when words are not enough. Two to three year old toddler is not yet so well says, to Express his overflowing feelings, and can not control their emotions. Often it shows also that the child is not able to cope with the situation.

Be attentive to the baby, because of his irritability can be caused by health problems (tummy ache, fever, tired or too excited), difficulties with friends in a kindergarten or Playground.

The older guys scandal – another attempt to check the pliability of the parents, a way to assert themselves, to show character or to attract attention.

Think about the reason of such behavior. She’s probably in you. If you often do not listen and do not hear their children, waving away their concerns and worries, or so busy that you have no time to communicate with them, be prepared for emotional outbursts different plan: “I want!” to “Oh, You didn’t like!”. Try to always find a moment to talk with the child, learn about his plans, to ask about the business.

The basic law

Most importantly, do not assume any manifestation of childish rage something totally unacceptable. No matter how offensive are tricks of the baby, believe me, him and myself from this painful and scary.

Do not fret! Otherwise the situation will worsen. The child will feel that the people on whom he depends, mad at him. In addition, losing control of himself, you accustom the baby to the idea that those who speak the loudest, he is right. But this is not the most useful knowledge in his life.

Try to be as restrained. It is quite difficult. So find a way to stay calm, breathe deeply, count to ten, immediately remember how charming was a toddler, when he was born, or how he’s funny and she makes faces or says a poem on new year’s morning…

Adjust your diet. Your irritability may be caused by a deficiency of magnesium or b vitamins (eat more dairy products, bread from wheat flour, nuts, fish), take vitamins.

Think of the existence of stubbornness and insistence and anger (and sometimes rage) child as a compulsory stage of its development. If you learn to properly respond to them, then later the baby less likely to resort to Isterika and scandals and become parents to convincingly prove, for example, the importance of the timely acquisition of roller skates or a new game console for physical and mental health and good mood.

Learn to compromise

Try not to abuse prohibitions is not the best method of education. The baby cry I want a kinder surprise? Buy. Even if in the house there is no place to replenish the collection.

A good solution is to offer in return desired something more, in your opinion, necessary. Say, “you Have two of the same plane. Maybe the boat?” or “let’s take a designer, and you make a rocket”.

Let the failure will be rare and justified an exception to the rule, and not Vice versa!Always give a choice: “We’re not going to buy this doll, but you can choose a book or a coloring book, whatever you want”. Very important for the child that he himself is determined with a gift, and mom and dad agree with him!

Always explain to the kid why you refuse: “we Have little money and need to buy more juice and your favorite syrocki”, “Well, it’s not me. Talk to Santa Claus. Write (draw) him. He will bring” or “You know today was born. So no toys!”

Helping the child to understand the situation, you teach him to cope with bouts of anger. The sooner he learns, the easier it will be to solve problems in the future.

However, you cannot fulfill all the requirements toddler.Especially if you notice that the tears and screams – a manifestation of tricks. Noticing this behavior, try to be consistent (both: my father and mother). Not worth it, refusing to revoke his own decision, succumbing to the plaintive pleas toddler. After all, this is temporary relief, which will grow into a constant problem. No matter how hard, keep your word! The kid should clearly know that no whining, no tantrums, and even more evil attacks he will achieve nothing.

It is important that dad and mom have a common line of conduct.Don’t let our sweet cunning to manipulate you. And don’t get tired of them everyday, discussing any conflict. Even a very young child can tell that it hurts more (mom’s strict tone, or the refusal in itself), and is able to understand (when calm) your reasonable arguments.

And most importantly, know that parental work is very difficult, but a child to be too easy. Love and patience will help you to always find common language with children.

How to extinguish the scandal

Helping your child cope with anger and aggression from an early age, you will avoid problems in the future. If the kid was nervous.


1 Give him time to calm down. Let quarreling 5-10 minutes. Pipsqueak too dispersed? Try to distract him.

2 Tightly hug the little brawler. Ask baby to take a deep breath, calm down and tell what happened.

3 When the tantrum stops, understand its causes. Talk to your child openly. If the conversation fails, then next time you will be able to warn her.


1 Take the baby from the scene. Look him in the eye and quietly but firmly talk, explaining or asking for explanations.

2 avoid conflict. Place the crumbs in a game, and they make a purchase.

3 Wear with a favorite toy or something tasty. Easier to switch attention.