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How to attract your daddy to the child’s upbringing.

Part one, in which we will share the secrets of how to draw the Pope to the upbringing of the child after his birth, but up to this wonderful moment.

Once I shared with my colleague, an experienced and much older woman, that after the birth of her son, dad-husband along with me carried the day and night watch feeding, dressing, and education of the heir. What colleague waved his hand: “what! Man is not the lesson to bring up the crumbs . In our time this was not, and could manage. ”

Yes, times and manners are really changing. But not always for the worse – now the Pope is increasingly “move” mom on traditional female role.

The first stage, the preparatory

Let’s start with the fact that American scientists have discovered the so-called “the syndrome of impending fatherhood” . observed nearly a quarter of newly made fathers. Moreover, its peak this syndrome reaches 5-6 months of your pregnancy.

What is it manifested? — vagrancy, detachment . Do not worry, this does not mean that your husband will turn into a captain or go hitchhiking around the world. It can be a long and seemingly aimless walks around the city, usually late committed without warning loved ones (who are anxiously looking for the missing!).

But it is in these moments, the future father of the family is doing a tremendous job — mentally he prepares to become a dad . He must get used to the idea that we have to abandon many plans to change your way of life. You should not give him the interrogation — taking care of the child begins with mental preparation and attitude that men are harder, because they are not associated with the child physiologically, as we women.

Let dad would prepare yourself mentally and “bospital” the baby in your belly . sing him a song, tell about yourself and about what awaits him in this world and in the family.

A second stage. The child was born

So the moment came, when a child overcomes the Rubicon of his birth and declares itself. What to do husband?

Incidentally, many people considered that the husband is giving birth, along with his wife . There was even a special rite kuwada (from the French. couvade — hatching eggs). Hubby picturesque, depending on their artistic abilities, depicts the birth “of the flowers and colors” at a time when his wife gives birth. This was done in order to scare away the evil spirits, who, when they came for the mother or the child, confronted by a powerful man and retire, as well as to the Pope himself has filled this responsible moment — the appearance of the child.

It is believed that fathers who participated in childbirth, more responsible approach to the education of the child . Well, the presence of a spouse in childbirth — the topic of a separate conversation, but nevertheless, it is proved that it brings together and simplifies future contact between father and child.

The third stage. The child is already at home

So, the hardest part behind You safely and courageously went through all the stages, and now I’m coming home with a warm, cute squeaking parcel.

For starters, dad can just talk with the child — and it will be his part in the upbringing. Warm tone, the calm rhythm of speech, “thinking out loud” — the easiest way of communication of the father with the baby. While the Pope can talk about anything, up to and thinking aloud about his business and the rehearsal of presentations at the meeting tomorrow. Child to sleep peacefully under the gentle speech of any content.

If the “handling” fragile lump inherent in the female nature, that man should inspire confidence. Hand husband . who likes to understand everything thoroughly, the appropriate book . Sometimes the study draws men so that there is confidence in the correctness of their actions and the desire to understand: “How is he still working?”

After reading a thin booklet on caring my husband went to the store and purchased the guide “What to expect in the first year of a child’s life”, and at the same time and the following two volumes — what to expect in the second year and the third. Every evening reading absorbed him more and more, and soon he was not only unafraid to touch the child, but operated by medical concepts and terms, like juggling balls, and instructing me.

Schedule of feedings and a children’s menu with a detailed enumeration of the stages of cooking. Attach it in a prominent place in the kitchen. Let the husband unobtrusively under your leadership, will perepelinoe baby, change his diapers, bathe, feed . In short, try to do something that you’ve handled alone.

Don’t intimidate a young dad of horror stories and a detailed description of all kinds of home injuries and misfortunes. Stories about the fingers in the socket and inadvertently swallowed parents spoons did not add diligence, but only repel dad from participation in the initial education of their own offspring. Better together “run” around the house . be fixed on a conspicuous place a sheet with the phone numbers of doctor and emergency room . hide dangerous stuff and fragile items, the child was unable to reach out for them — including safe, but expensive equipment, devices.

For example, my “perpetual motion” I spilled a bottle on a brand new laptop that my husband bought for me two days before. Naturally, after such an attack gift it could not be restored.

And last. Not to criticize! Sometimes tired to want to get back at her husband, but the male ego does not tolerate ridicule and criticism can undo all. But the balm of praise pour generously, consistently, every time . Did any of your female friends may be too long to leave baby with dad. Except many can deftly handle the baby, thinking up plans for tomorrow and analyzing the results of a football match?

It doesn’t matter if your spouse happy public glory super-dad or would prefer it to be your family’s secret, praise will encourage him to further exploits!