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How to improve relations with her husband

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When family boat is leaking, do not let her go to the bottom almost always under force to any woman — because each of us at birth is a bit of a psychologist. Husbands, causing wives adverse reactions are divided into several types, and all of them require a special approach.

Violent husbands

It is unclear why and for what reason would a man often yells, picking on every little detail. Life with that resembles a powder keg, I do not know when can “jerk”.

With this husband try to keep track of your emotions. You want to be offended, upset, lock yourself in a room, to give vent to tears. Do not do it.

Most often the cause of temper inherent in the person and depends on his psychological type, temperament and level of culture. But there are also external factors that affect spontaneous release of emotions. This, for example, may be in trouble at work. A man whose professional life is not going smoothly, just doesn’t know how to free yourself from nervous tension emotions and lashes out at his wife, who is always near.

In such cases, you can build a relationship of trust, learning to tell each other about how was a busy day, to discuss problems, to find out what was the cause of the disorder and to give each other moral support.

In order to change the relationship will take time, conflicts will not stop immediately. So at the beginning you can take a sheet of paper and write on it all their grievances, having splashed out emotions on paper. In no event it is impossible to keep such emotions as anger, resentment, and anger within yourself, it is also impossible to answer with their husband because of his temper and your reaction is wood, which will burn over time your relationship. Having splashed out all on neutral territory, which is a sheet of paper, the calmer you will be able to treat everything, it is wise to assess the situation and to find out it the correct way.

Suppressing men

Increasingly, instead you kind words “darling”, “sweetie” hear “stupid”, “brainless” or something else, but the same offensive? So, you have a husband overwhelming type.

Such people, despite their apparent confidence, assert themselves at the expense of the humiliation of their weaker, unable to fight back. Some men self-esteem of their own achievements in science, jobs, Hobbies, work or social activity, others feel like downplaying others. A wife who is always “at hand”, is the easiest object for this purpose. A man just doesn’t know what can be different.

How to establish family relationships with her husband? First of all, no need to shed tears and heard to believe. Critically understand everything said husband. Don’t you stupid.

Try to protect yourself from negativity, imagining himself under an impermeable cap, where the arrows of insults just don’t get it. But such a signal to the brain to be protected from said not enough. Hearing something bad in his address, try to convince yourself of the opposite. My husband says that you are a bad boss? Immediately tell yourself that you are a great hostess, and the suggestion back it with action — do something useful around the house.

When you return your confidence so carelessly trampled her husband, frankly try to talk to him. Tell us what you feel when you hear from him undeserved attacks, how about that frustrating and disappointing. And be sure to tell him of her love. And further shared his desire to assert themselves, point in a different direction. Confident man will never humiliate a woman, and loving.


Family and home is a refuge for body and soul where you can relax and unwind. A new portion of the film obtained in another family scandal, is unlikely to help you to do this.

How to establish good relations between husband and wife, if the husband is constantly provokes scandals? Because every argument is another step to divorce, then you need to firmly tell myself “no”. You’re, married, not planning to spoil the nerves and to live in constant explanation of the relationship? On the contrary, you want understanding, love and respect.

In the words of Marilyn Monroe: “a man should be well, bad life and I can do”.

Remind your husband that you have personality and are entitled to their own point of view. But it must be done in a delicate manner. In any case avoid another scandal, and calmly step back from this. So you can not only raise self-esteem and self-esteem, but will get my husband to look at you with different eyes. And who knows, maybe if he’s not completely hopeless, your husband decides to earn his clever wife?


According to psychologists, the blame for adultery lies with both the husband and wife. If a man walks, it turns out that he was missing something. And most of all — emotions. When you tell him that you love? When gently looked him in the eye? Men are very sensitive to the appearance of affection, so no need to skimp on it.

In addition, the appearance of women in family relations plays a significant role. Take your photo, taken several years ago, in a bathing suit or just in full growth. Carefully look at him, because this woman in the photo liked then so much to your husband. Now look in the mirror. Do you really think that your husband should love you like this — unkempt, in an old coat, with a dozen extra pounds?

The woman who strives to build relationships with my husband, it is absolutely necessary to start with yourself. Think about what your life would be in case of success, it’s worth all the effort, therefore, will be determined to change and gradually follow that decision.

It’s no secret that a woman who looks good, more confident, independent and interesting. Become better than those women that are interested in your husband. Do not be confused that they are younger or prettier in a relationship is not the main thing. Surprise, hit him, and again he will be only yours. Remember the Strauss operetta “die Fledermaus”? Wife is read the book, but you can always find the missing husband interesting pages, in a pinch you can fill them with new content!

The laws of physics and married life

Physics is an exact science, and it long ago scientifically proven laws do not make us doubt, and many of them are reflected in our lives.

The law of communicating vessels is that the levels of liquid in them is, and if you add water to one of them, and in another level will increase.

Isn’t married life resembles such vessels? It is natural that the behavior of a spouse begins to change, if we change something in yourself.

The second law, reminiscent of a marital relationship, formulated by sir Isaac Newton: force equal to the force of counteraction.

Harmonious relations in the family are not in the result of the struggle with the shortcomings of a spouse. You probably know a lot of life examples that confirm this. Take responsibility for the further development of your relationship, and then you find the path that will lead to understanding and harmony.

Be happy

To save the family ship can and should, if he hasn’t drowned. Therefore, the earlier you start taking some action, the more chances you have of success. It needs to be done, yet both have the desire to keep the family together. If such desire one of you is no more, the most dignified way out of this situation is to leave, keeping a gratitude to each other for the time spent together. The we have only one life, and everyone has a right to happiness!