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How to remove belly fat after giving birth with the help of physical exercises and stretching


Every woman always dreams of having a shapely, toned figure, but it’s hard to imagine, especially after pregnancy.

Often a woman does not have time to take care of yourself after childbirth and notices problems with the figure only after her husband’s comments or relatives.

As after childbirth to remove belly fat quickly and most importantly you will learn below.

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How to remove belly fat after giving birth

During pregnancy on the abdominal wall store fat, amniotic along with bubble protect your baby from bumps. The speed of the arrival of your figure to normal depends on how many pounds you need to lose.

Before how to remove belly fat after giving birth, you should stock up on willpower, patience and a good motive.

If you want to remove belly fat after giving birth quickly, you should do them before and during pregnancy.

To prevent too saggy belly after childbirth, you should:

Gymnastics for pregnant and swimming.

To wear a bandage and shapewear.

Eat right and respect the day.

In the first two months after birth you will not to shape, so you start exercising you can three months after them.

The main aspects that will help you after delivery to remove belly fat quickly:

If you are breastfeeding, it is not the time to sit on a rigid diet. Don’t limit yourself to food, just eat less greasy, spicy, sweet and smoked. Try munching on fruits, vegetables, cereals, dairy products, but do not overeat.

Steam treatments will help you to tighten the tummy after childbirth.

Exercise, they provide the best results, the main thing do not throw it in the early stages.

What should not be done for weight loss:

Don’t limit yourself to food, as your baby needs proper nutrition, even after six in the evening.

Do not drink too much fluid, so there was no edema.

Do not arrange fasting days, that you may harm your child.

If you are thinking about how to remove belly fat after giving birth, the only true way will always be sports and a lot of work, so don’t feel sorry for yourself and you will succeed.

Exercises to remove belly fat after giving birth

Weakness of the abdominal muscles and causes the belly droops and becomes ugly. For this you must exercise, especially exercises for injection press.

Exercises that will help lead belly after giving birth to normal:

When you go possible, draw the belly and try to walk in this position. So rather start to burn excess fat.

Lying on the floor, on your back, put your feet up and make a motion like you are riding a bike. The more intense and more range of motion, the better.

Lying on your back, lift straight legs up at a 90 degree angle and return to starting position.

Lying on your back, hands behind his head lock. Lift the torso, rapidly twisting it left and right knees, then to its original position.

Lying on your back, hands behind his head. Simultaneously raise your torso and bend your knees, pulling up to the torso. While trying to pull the belly in.

The well-known Hoop that many girls twist in my childhood at the waist, promote the burning of surface fat.

Also, you can tighten the abdominal skin and make it smooth by using body wraps that tone and nourish the skin.

Wraps can be made from many nutrients, such as honey, ground coffee, seaweed, clay. After you smeared yourself one of the tools that you need to wrap your stomach with plastic wrap and at least one hour to lie down under a warm blanket. After the procedure, rinse off excess with warm water. Also, to enhance the cosmetic effect, you can add natural essential oils that increase blood circulation and tone the sagging skin of the abdomen.

Remember that when you engage in physical culture you have to work on all groups of muscles: oblique, muscles of the upper and lower press, the main thing is not to let laziness defeat them.

How to remove stretch marks after childbirth?

Stretch marks (striae) – this is probably one of the most frustrating events that can happen to a woman. Try to wear prenatal bandage, which is a bit will help to prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are difficult to fight, and so you want to look good in the summer in a bathing suit nicely.

Stretch marks appear because of excessive stretching of the skin, resulting formed connective tissue. The main thing to start the fight against stretch marks while they are still red hue, because when they become light, to bring them almost not work.

With the help of which you can remove stretch marks after childbirth:

Acupressure or massage in the salon to tighten the skin and enhance the blood circulation in it.

Body scrubs and lotions for stretch marks can help make them invisible, but on the condition that products will be of high quality and expensive.

Rubbing a washcloth when you shower, also enhances the circulation of the skin.

You can do body wraps at home that well help with stretch marks, especially honey, chocolate and wraps with seaweed and herbs.

If the stretch marks are deep and do not go away, you can use salon procedures, such as vacuum – roller massage, laser therapy or mesotherapy. But this is only in extreme cases.

If you want to look attractive, and fit, don’t be afraid to leave the baby with daddy and pay a little attention to his beloved. Sign up in the fitness room, so you will have an even greater incentive to go for sports. Don’t be lazy and you will succeed!