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Snoring in children. Why child snores?

In the understanding of most people, snoring – the problem, rather, adults than children. What are your associations with the word snoring? Snoring toddler, or snoring dad or grandpa? Probably, the second.

However, snoring in children is quite common. Moreover, almost every child snores when cold. Then snoring is nothing serious, along with the cold will disappear and the sound.

Why child snores?

However, if the child snores constantly, then it may signal a problem. The cause of snoring can be a deformity of the facial bones of the skull and some other abnormalities, but most often the appearance of snoring in children associated with chronic rhinitis and adenoids (enlarged pharyngeal tonsil).

What are the dangers of snoring in children

If snoring is causing the baby discomfort, difficult breathing and causes temporary pauses in breathing, after this “sleep” he feels exhausted, because instead of relaxing, he fights for every second breath of oxygen. Snoring, accompanied by frequent pauses in breathing, dangerous because it leads to hypoxia, i.e. oxygen starvation. As a result, the child is constantly fatigued, cranky, shows less interest in the world around him than mehrabadi peers, and, consequently, slower.

Another problem lies in the diseases that cause snoring. For example, adenoids can cause not just breathing problems but also of hearing loss and even bedwetting.

Treatment of snoring in children

Snoring is as such not amenable to treatment, it is necessary to find and eliminate the causes of this phenomenon. You need to consult a ENT doctor, and then have to act depending on the diagnosis. For example, the cause of chronic runny nose can be both a deviated septum and allergies, respectively, and the treatment will be radically different. If we are talking about adenoids, here too, all depends on the individual case, sometimes shows only surgery, and sometimes it is possible to do with conservative methods of treatment under the guidance of Laura.

If during inspection any abnormalities the child was not found, then look for the possible cause of snoring at home. Perhaps in the nursery too dry air, and the kid in the nose formed dry crusts. Then you need to pay more attention to wet cleaning of the premises, and, maybe, to get a humidifier.

If the child sleeps on “adult”, that is too high for him the pillow, it can also cause snoring. In such case, you can buy a special baby pillow, and see will not change the situation for the better.


Hello. My son had adenoids removed in January 2012. He is 3 and a half years, 1.5 months later he again began to snore and gasp for breath at night. Went for a visit to Laura, he said that stands out is some sort of slime-this slime. What to do. Tell me??

The child abruptly started snoring continues incessantly through the night, he began to be tired, ill remember, the nose clean without snot and dry crusts, in turn, close the holes in the trunk and it breathes well, the room while the child is in school from 8 to 18 ventilated. Recently we found a problem with the heart it can cause snoring?