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Why morning person swims?


Do not think that swelling and suffer only pregnant women who have fluid retention in the body due to a hormonal imbalance. Actually among the causes of edema doctors call allergic reactions, poor diet and lack of sleep. The latter is particularly true of business women giving all the power to work all day long sitting at a computer and often forget about taking care of themselves . Complex simple procedures will help get rid of edema on the face and on the legs!

Swelling: why they occur and how to fix them?

In one day you may find that the foot is considerably increased in volume and won’t climb in sandals. The swelling! In some people they are concentrated in the area of the face. Particularly vile swelling increase the amount of hands – and it becomes impossible to remove the engagement ring. Why does swelling occur and how to get rid of them?

Says Vladimir Yashin, General practitioner, lecturer at the Moscow medical College № 13, the author of the textbook “Healthy lifestyle”.

What is edema? According to the scientific definition, is an excess accumulation of fluid in the tissues. The human body consists of 70% water. About 2/3 of it is inside the cells, and 1/3 in the intercellular space. The increase in the volume of fluid in the intercellular space, in fact, there is swelling.

Distinguish between local and General swelling. First tied to a specific organ or area of the vascular bed. It happens, for example, diseases of the lymphatic vessels or veins of the lower extremities, allergic edema of the face. General swelling is accompanied by swelling of the tissues throughout the body and is characteristic of diseases of the heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract. General swelling becomes noticeable when the accumulation in the body three or more liters of fluid, most often due to delays in the kidneys of salt and water.

In any case, the swelling indicates that the body is some kind of pathological process and it’s time for him to pay attention. There are many reasons why there is swelling. We will look at some of them, the most common.

The problem with pressure

One of the causes of edema is the increase of pressure in the tiny blood vessels, capillaries. Another reason was the decrease in the content in plasma proteins, especially albumin. This leads to the decrease of osmotic pressure and the exit of fluid from the bloodstream into the tissue. The formation of edema due to increased capillary permeability, due to their developing toxic damage or inflammation. For the treatment of these diseases need to consult a therapist.

Venous diseases

Swelling inevitably accompany inflammatory diseases of the veins in the legs: phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. The leg is red and sore in the quiet, and when touched. If you shins regularly swollen, but not red, it indicates the development of varicose veins. Venous edema is soft to the touch, the skin warm to the touch, sometimes with a bluish tint.

Fortunately, the legs can swell and “just so” – from the heat and exhaustion. But in this case the swelling is intermittent: it is necessary to lie down with feet up, pamper your feet with warm baths – swelling passes and never returns.

Important! Remember that edema is not a disease. It may just be an important symptom indicating the presence of a disease. So with regular occurrence of edema should be sure to consult with a specialist.

To determine whether you have varicose veins, and to treat phlebitis or thrombophlebitis may specialist.


Allergic swelling can occur in any area of the body. They are dense to the touch, accompanied by itching, redness, and sometimes a punctate appearance of the rash. With such edema should contact a doctor is an allergist and not only heal the symptoms but also eliminate the root of the problem itself allergies.

Heart failure

Swelling in the ankles is a very alarming symptom, because it signals of impending heart failure. Cardiac edema is preceded by shortness of breath. With the development of heart disease, the swelling may gradually increase in volumes – from the ankles up, up to the hips. The skin in the area of the “heart” of edema pale bluish, high-strung, cold to the touch. If you find yourself like swelling, you should consult a cardiologist.

Cause in the kidneys

The kidneys are not coping with the work for one reason or another, can also send water into the extracellular space, forming a swelling. Renal edema is soft, doughy, appear most often on the face, and in the morning. The skin in the area of edema is dry and pale. It is noteworthy that renal edema often “floating”, that is quickly moved by changing the position of the body. Treatment of kidneys are urologists.

The edema

If the swelling is not associated with any serious disease, you can assist the following recommendations. First of all you should limit the consumption of spicy and fried foods as well as liquids, especially before bedtime. The menu should contain foods, steamed, greens (primarily parsley), fresh fruits and vegetables. Useful to drink a decoction of linseed: 4 teaspoons of seeds pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Then strain and take in the form of heat 1/2 Cup 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. For flavor, you can add the resulting broth a little lemon juice.

The best means of prevention of edema – physical education classes. One of the best solutions is swimming. It helps to improve blood circulation and strengthen the vascular system of the body. Good action has the massage of fingers and toes.

In addition, tempering vessels and prevent swelling help water treatment, in particular a douche. This purpose change 5-6 times the hot water to cool and Vice versa. Follow the basic rule of hardening, which reads as follows: to get used to the cold water should gradually.

Slept face down

They say if you drink 2 liters of beer and sleep face down, you can radically get rid of wrinkles. But jokes jokes, and facial swelling is a very serious symptom. If swelling appears in the morning and mostly around the eyes, you can say that it is a consequence of lack of sleep, overwork, drinking on the night of liquor or… disorders of the kidneys. And this is not a cosmetic defect, but a serious problem that requires immediate attention. So with the regular appearance of puffiness around the eyes, contact your doctor and he will prescribe the necessary tests.

Rules neotechnology person

• Need to spend more time in the fresh air and move more. Swelling is a phenomenon of congestion, and better than “dispersed” all the metabolic system, the less swelling.

• It is not recommended to wear shoes with too high heels, not to provoke swelling in the legs.

• If from the heat and exhaustion swollen feet, during the day, try to at least 10-15 minutes to put them on a small Eminence to facilitate the outflow of fluid. Also from swelling of the legs help warm baths with sea salt (one tablespoon per liter of water).

• Swelling of the face grate peeled raw potato through cheesecloth and squeeze the juice to lubricate the problem areas.