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The Story about abortion: They were sure that I don’t hear anything.

 A story about abortion: They were sure that I don’t hear anything.

THEY were in a compartment together and talked about

murder. To kill should have been me. They

spoke calmly, as if he was talking about

knocking someone else’s sick dog.

Guess you are right, I can hear them?

No, they were confident that nothing I

hear. But I heard everything.

He was not interested in the details of the murder,

he was not interested in who it will be

to do, he passed sentence, and for him

trivia was not forthcoming

values. She knew that she

have to participate in this, she was

trembling, and I felt it.

He once again explained to her why I

wasn’t supposed to exist. It

agreed, but somehow not very

confidently, as if something

been misunderstood. Sometimes it seemed to me,

what they say is not about me but about some

really useless and quite

not needed in this world man. They

decided my fate, defining the term

my life. Did they have on it

right? Why is the work of God they took


I couldn’t:could not run, could not

to call for help, could not explain

to them the enormity of their decision, could not…

couldn’t… couldn’t… They were confident in

their impunity, and I knew

this is not the first killing them.

Do we blame?

WHY I still hope for something, even

hearing the metal in his voice? Can

to be, because they feel it

indecision? But I know your

so why, why do I hope?

Maybe God sent me to him, and also

— Who?

— Life is. Where to live, what to eat?

Wish he wore out someone

things and rummaging through garbage?

Someone else’s ill will… someone else’s ill will was

stronger than them. They, unknowingly,

fulfilled. They already knew that

child right conditions and their work.

Someone else will dictate his own terms

life and work is taken away because

comfortable idleness. They are thinking about

seconds, to decide questions of eternity.

They didn’t understand that my life —

it is their evil will protest and fight against

her, and death is her triumph. They still

did not feel that the murder of his

— No. This has always been the rich and

poor, well-fed and hungry, happy

and the unhappy.

I knew it too. It was so in all

times. Always been wise and foolish,

obedient and the rebellious, and great

colorless. Human nature

changed. But why

the ancients gave all born

descendants, and only Fate was decided

what grain to fall into the ground, and what

– on the stone? Were they really stupid?

Hardly… They knew the main thing

felt is worth every life

what each breakthrough her out of the cage

in a rational creature, how much struggle,

miracle, doubts and hopes squashed in

pregnant women! How many victories

and defeats of Life!

I wish we were animals or


The TRAIN stopped, and they suffered

me where killing children. We walked

not for long, but I felt like it

shaking stronger and stronger. I

tried to get out of prison, but

nothing, of course, I did not succeed.

I already from a distance he felt and heard

this is the place. It turned out that there is

turn! I heard the voices of other

kids that I had

to deprive of life. We had a lot. Girls

was more. I heard very well

three girls and one boy. We

— To die, — said

the eldest of the girls, — you must first

born. But if die, not yet

— To whom? In favor of any religion? What

— If pain — she answered

— The way the world works. All life struggles

— In this there are people from

the past and the future, is violated

— We, — I replied, — omitting the present,

from the future go back in time.

— So, we’re bad? he asked.

“Probably,” still have time to answer it,

when she was taken away from us.

Waited for a miracle


happens there. But we and We waited…

waited for a miracle. No, has not happened. Her mother

returned without her. Then took

the younger girl. She was crying and

asked me not to kill her, but heard her

only we. She also stayed there.

— I’m glad you’re born. I know,

if I had to do it, I

born dead Mom…

didn’t want me. I would have

to be born dead.

We were left alone.

“I wonder,” he asked quietly

Next he was. There is no one to answer

Last I was. So I was

the happiest of them? Alien evil

will… someone else’s ill will made here

the feast, it is like an insatiable beast,

– The latter refused to do an abortion –