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Greed and generosity


We used to think that a greedy man is the rich man with a big belly and fat fingers, who sits on the treasure chest and to anybody them does not. Collective stereotype ridiculously closes us to the notion of greed and avarice, because actually greed is in no way determines the financial situation of the person. Both rich and poor can be equally greedy, and equally generous. We continue the theme of the seven deadly sins, among which greed is not the last place. The most interesting thing in that capacity that greed is very hard to see. And it’s not about other people not at all. It is that greed is very difficult to see in itself.

By the way, even information search was in vain. Greed is no less intelligible information. Love and hate the subject of whole volumes, about the diseases of the soul I write with great pleasure, and sin as such is also quite a lot written, but about greed almost nothing. I have the feeling that we are denying the very existence of this quality in yourself.

On the one hand it is possible to explain to those whom we are accustomed to thinking greedy people. For each quality has its own individual designation. We know that the killer is the man who has deprived someone of life. Therefore, no adequate person can not be called a murderer if he didn’t do it. With greed the same thing. There is the definition of greed, and if the person under it misses, and not believes himself to be. This is the case when the society is completely blind to some of their characteristic quality, inventing non-existent image of the greedy rich man and hands when washing face.

A good story, this is the main weapon of greed is to deny its existence.

Let’s leave generally accepted stereotype of the rich man and concentrate on their lovers. The main symptom of greed manifests itself in that the requirements do not match the capabilities . let me stress once again that the level of income it does not matter. You can be very, very poor, but greedy thus to their very essence. So poverty is not an alibi and there is nothing for her to hide from ourselves.

If you honestly admitted to himself that maybe some part of you, somewhere very deep inside, greedy and no wonder you are reading this article, then this is a great step towards changing yourself. By the way, when the person ceases to be greedy and avaricious, he becomes rich.

Imagine that you need water. You have a yard and two yards from the courtyard of the Creek. You can at any time approach the stream and drink from it. But once you have the need to get water for yard watering the cabbage. And here’s the thing, out of all the utensils that you have in your yard, it’s just a sieve. You can see that others may get their water, and you have some reason does not work. And you get angry, and go with your sieve, trying, run faster from the stream to the house (“more work or to plow three jobs”), it is possible to seal the holes in a sieve (“save”). Anyway, still the same result – the cabbage watered, the water in the courtyard there.

Greed – these are the holes within you, through which goes all the desired energy. You may be filled to the brim, but you still will not be enough, and you don’t even realize why. You don’t understand why other enough, and you don’t. And greed isn’t just about the financial condition. Generally, if a person has not enough money, and it lacks something at the energy level, such as love, tenderness, care, or something else. Your life is void of the concept of saturation, and to fix this, you need to go beyond the conventional, you need to understand that water need to score buckets, and not a sieve.

A little test on greed . You are in the cave, where are the treasures of an ancient race. Nobody, bags you have with you, too, no, you actually came here to walk and stumbled upon this cave. You can take as many as you want, as they can carry. There is one condition: you take the gold, and then the cave will be closed forever. Don’t worry, no one hears and sees, and there are no dirty tricks, you can really take as much gold as you want. The question is: how much gold will you take? Remember the answer.

Now the next question: how much gold will you take, if you will know that from this cave you will have the keys and you can come for the gold every time it will need?

Any normal person in the first case will stuff your pockets to overflowing, knowing that this chance it will not be anymore. But if you know that this gold will last you a lifetime, and then your children and grandchildren, you don’t lose your head and get enough light to go home, because tomorrow it will be possible to go again.

This test is not to check for lice, it’s just an opportunity to show how we are behaving, believing that the universe will only give you one chance to feast upon, and then close access. We have everything and the universe gives us everything, so we often throw the keys to the cave, limiting themselves and believing that doesn’t deserve to have untold riches.

When a person grows in his garden apples, he knows that unripe fruits to tear it makes no sense, and Mature you can type what you want and to come back tomorrow to pick some more apples. And these apples will last you a lifetime, for both children and grandchildren.

The universe always gives much more than you can carry, she is not sorry, take as much as you want. But the man acts like he has the last piece of bread and it is from this feeling of greed and we choke.

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