What is crying newborn?
  Chapter from the Handbook for nurses ’s Successful breastfeeding and psychological unity of the mother-child", written by order of the Ministry of health with support from who/UNICEF During the first three months of life,…


Morning child
You Wake up, you are full of worries about the coming day. The mind develops the chain of upcoming works, many of them, large and small, important and trivial, pleasant and boring, but mandatory, urgent.…


How to attract your daddy to the child's upbringing.
Part one, in which we will share the secrets of how to draw the Pope to the upbringing of the child after his birth, but up to this wonderful moment. Once I shared with my…


Expression of unconditional love

Unconditional love is an essential part of parental care. Without the existence of love without conditions to any child it’s hard to feel loved and welcome. I want to suggest to read some pedagogical theory about how we can Express the deep sense of love and gratitude to the child or young person, that we genuinely feel for him. The majority of parents, teachers, caregivers truly love children. But the question is, is the kids know that we really love them unselfishly and always, no matter what the conditions?

Why is it important for the child to feel that he is loved? Because in the period of childhood in every person creates his or her own “I”. In the same period, the child learns about the reliability or the hostile world into which he came, to develop a sense of confidence to yourself and others. Dose of love received in childhood, the child will develop the appropriate attitude. We adults are responsible for something that the child has received enough joy, positive emotions, warmth and generosity.

All the complexity is that the child is still small, he sees and perceives the world and adults are not the way we do. Children are not able to think critically and analyze our words, actions. They perceive every word we say, perfect action.

Children are a blank sheet of paper that you will write, and read. The child Continue reading

Child bites other children

We are tired to fight it. Sometimes simply give up.

Home child, as a child, and in kindergarten – is someone not to give him a toy, or someone sits on the chair on which he wants, bites!

Here today. The girl took the cube, which he wanted. The son of rage. bit the BOY! Not a girl, and another boy, who happened to be there. Despite the bit so that the swollen hand!

At home we constantly teach, explain, say, children in pain; read, meditate, practice how to respond if you don’t like something. How to Express your feelings in words. Son soon 4 years, but he SPRR, and it is to be expressed by words. But still, that’s no excuse for wrong behavior. One garden we have already changed. I’m afraid I have to leave the second (((

Of course, children can not be beat. But there are times when it can be done. If the child began to bite, some good stops.

And no amount of persuasion will not help. up to a certain age, of course you can wait two years and not to admit him to children, but in this case he will lose a lot in its development.

I had such a case, the boy was bitten by another, once or twice. And then the boy was bitten Continue reading

Profession – adoptive parents


Popularity adoption in Belarus is growing. It sees not only armed with statistics specialist (, but any casual visitor on issues adoption of Internet forums. “Intrauterine pregnancy or narodnosna – what is the difference in principle?” – one notices pending the completion of the procedure of adoption mom. From imitating the pregnancy with the help of pillows predecessors it separates two decades. Belarusians during this period of time has changed.

– We not only develop the legislative framework for the adoption and methods of working with adopted children by families, but the philosophy and form of adoption, – says the Director of the National center of adoption of the Ministry of education of Belarus Pospelova Natalia. – With the help of the press and adoptive parents were able to debunk popular myths – “genes don’t crush” and “the Apple never falls far from the tree”. Today’s adoptive parents know that heredity and experience of early childhood is not fatal, the result of the upbringing of the child is determined by the environment. The last myth is: “if I truly love someone else’s child?” Adoptive parents who Express such doubts, we recall that they are legally married. Therefore, already in love with another person Continue reading

The education of the child

Yesterday he was an angel, and today threw a fit in the middle of the store. Mother ready to cry? ‘t need. Your child becomes an independent individual. Help him!

Two-year-old angrily tosses the toy in a beloved grandfather or loud yelling in the store, demanding the typewriter, the eighth in his collection. Everything seems to condemn you. You feel ashamed? And you should be proud of (if you have the strength). This emotional outburst is a sign that the baby develops properly. He begins to realize the importance of their desires and wants to influence your own life.

Try to understand what is happening with the baby, and teach him to behave appropriately.

What are they thinking?

Children live for today. The word “then”, “later”, “soon” is minor for them. And desires babies are very strong, and they can’t understand what you want. Trying to get his kids use proven weapon: screaming, crying, stamping feet and even rolling on the floor – the most effective way to force myself to listen when words are not enough. Two to three year old toddler is not yet so well says, to Express his overflowing feelings, Continue reading

How to improve relations with her husband

Table of contents:

When family boat is leaking, do not let her go to the bottom almost always under force to any woman — because each of us at birth is a bit of a psychologist. Husbands, causing wives adverse reactions are divided into several types, and all of them require a special approach.

Violent husbands

It is unclear why and for what reason would a man often yells, picking on every little detail. Life with that resembles a powder keg, I do not know when can “jerk”.

With this husband try to keep track of your emotions. You want to be offended, upset, lock yourself in a room, to give vent to tears. Do not do it.

Most often the cause of temper inherent in the person and depends on his psychological type, temperament and level of culture. But there are also external factors that affect spontaneous release of emotions. This, for example, may be in trouble at work. A man whose professional life is not going smoothly, just doesn’t know how to free yourself from nervous tension emotions and lashes out at his wife, who is always near.

In such cases, you can build a relationship of trust, learning to tell Continue reading