The Child is afraid to sleep alone: 8 ways to overcome night terrors
  Fear of sleeping alone comes with a list of the most common childhood fears. The reasons may be different: the habit child sleep with the parents, the overexcitation of the nervous system, long-standing fear,…


The education of the child
Yesterday he was an angel, and today threw a fit in the middle of the store. Mother ready to cry? 't need. Your child becomes an independent individual. Help him! Two-year-old angrily tosses the toy…


What is baby crying?
"What would the child have anything he wants — just do not cry" — I think parents, inventing means to take a crying baby, so he didn't disturb them to do their business. However, folk…


Parenting without punishments and cry

The efficiency of the presented here educational methods has been repeatedly confirmed in practice. If in the process of upbringing you usually resort to shouting and punishments, then this book will help you to rethink this approach. Following the advice of authors, you will easily be able to maintain discipline, to avoid conflicts, and in addition, will teach children the most important life lesson – teach them to love and empathize, to maintain peace and tranquility in the family.

The book is made in the form of a Handbook that will allow readers to quickly and easily find ways to solve those or other behavioral problems. It is addressed to all parents who seek to avoid rigid and educational measures to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the house. Here you will find answers to eternal questions and problems of education with which millions of parents face every day.

All children, even the obedient, from time to time behave far better. This is especially true of preschool, and family environment (safe or not) often does not matter. The fact that kids (as parents) are different from each other in temperament and socio-economic Continue reading

Why is the child crying?


Newborns often give voice to them is the only way to inform that something is wrong. How to understand the intonations of a child’s crying? Do I need to rush headlong to the kid on the first call? This question has no definite answer. On the one hand, just so the child is not crying and the moms task is to remove the cause of disturbance. On the other hand, have always migrated to the mother, especially if she can’t rely on home care, it’s just nerves. And what does the collective mind?

What is crying?

The cry, the call is 5-6 seconds of screaming, then the half-minute pause, then cry again and again pause: the child listens, not the mother. If the mother is not fit, the gaps between the Creek gradually reduced until the wailing becomes permanent.

Hungry crying begins with the call up. Then it all depends on my mother’s actions. If picked up, but not offering to eat — should a sudden shout, the child begins to look for the breast, turning her head around and poking nose in mom’s blouse. If the mother does not respond, the crying becomes demanding and grows into a choking cry.

When pain crying even, and when to endure unbearable, interrupted by loud bursts.

Squeak or a groan, a signal that the child is going to pee or to poop.

If the child Continue reading

Son again came home with bruises

the Anecdote

– What is the situation with the national projects? – sneakily asked the Minister.

– The job is running. noncommittal Ministers.

Chef interviews malenkoy a pretty blonde who came to find work as a Secretary:

– You have the summary says what you type at a speed of 1000 characters per minute. Is this true?

– Woman’s butt. Don’t believe – pinch.

COP stops student and says the documents show.

— Well, don’t work, then.

— Yes, don’t work.

— well, the money the state program means.

— Yes, program.

” uh, students from.

Hello, this is the morgue?

– No, it’s bath!

Damn, made a mistake, and I morgue needed.

– Well, maybe I’ll wash up?

– Where does your husband work?

Third day of the month or at the distillery. Continue reading

Family Relationships: children and parents, analysis of family education

The attitude of children and parents, analysis of family education

Often wrong upbringing of children in the family leads to very serious consequences, the child may withdraw into themselves, do poorly in school, not to fulfill the wishes of adults, moreover, he may appear neurotic deviations, until the disease is neurosis.

The sensibility of the child, the propensity to anxiety, helplessness, vulnerability, and vulnerability while controversial, is not always reasonable requirements of the parents, can easily hurt the child and lead to nervous breakdowns or total disobedience.

For full mental development children need encouragement and emotional support for adults, recognition in the family and among peers. In dealing with other many children lack the spontaneity, confidence, ease in relationships, vitality and mood — many of these things are brought up in the family.

The formation behavior of children in the family

The deviation of the traits and behavior of children is formed as a result of deviations in family relations and parenting. To change the personality of the parents, or one of the parents leads to the development of conflict situations in the family, and create problems in the education of children.

Therefore parents is superimposed dual responsibility Continue reading

Greed and generosity


We used to think that a greedy man is the rich man with a big belly and fat fingers, who sits on the treasure chest and to anybody them does not. Collective stereotype ridiculously closes us to the notion of greed and avarice, because actually greed is in no way determines the financial situation of the person. Both rich and poor can be equally greedy, and equally generous. We continue the theme of the seven deadly sins, among which greed is not the last place. The most interesting thing in that capacity that greed is very hard to see. And it’s not about other people not at all. It is that greed is very difficult to see in itself.

By the way, even information search was in vain. Greed is no less intelligible information. Love and hate the subject of whole volumes, about the diseases of the soul I write with great pleasure, and sin as such is also quite a lot written, but about greed almost nothing. I have the feeling that we are denying the very existence of this quality in yourself.

On the one hand it is possible to explain to those whom we are accustomed to thinking greedy people. For each quality has its own individual designation. We know that the killer is the man who has deprived someone of life. Therefore, Continue reading