What do you know about why children lie to parents?
  Your son or daughter once again lied to you and not feel remorse, then you should immediately sound the alarm otherwise nothing good with such a child will never grow, and in the family…


Profession – adoptive parents
  Popularity adoption in Belarus is growing. It sees not only armed with statistics specialist (, but any casual visitor on issues adoption of Internet forums. "Intrauterine pregnancy or narodnosna – what is the difference…


The education of the child
Yesterday he was an angel, and today threw a fit in the middle of the store. Mother ready to cry? 't need. Your child becomes an independent individual. Help him! Two-year-old angrily tosses the toy…


Son again came home with bruises

the Anecdote

– What is the situation with the national projects? – sneakily asked the Minister.

– The job is running. noncommittal Ministers.

Chef interviews malenkoy a pretty blonde who came to find work as a Secretary:

– You have the summary says what you type at a speed of 1000 characters per minute. Is this true?

– Woman’s butt. Don’t believe – pinch.

COP stops student and says the documents show.

— Well, don’t work, then.

— Yes, don’t work.

— well, the money the state program means.

— Yes, program.

” uh, students from.

Hello, this is the morgue?

– No, it’s bath!

Damn, made a mistake, and I morgue needed.

– Well, maybe I’ll wash up?

– Where does your husband work?

Third day of the month or at the distillery.

– And he likes it there?

– I don’t know. He hasn’t come home.

Man rushes into leaving the train and to the conductor:

“I here’s the ticket did not have time to buy, here’s $100, sat down next to me, to somebody else.” The conductor sat down in his compartment. Half an hour later I woman in tears.the nozzle and to the conductor: F: -when you man I have settled – I said nothing! when he began to thump – I didn’t say anything either! When he began to undress – I was speechless!

When he began to undress me – again I said nothing, but when he took OFF MY GLASSES, PUT YOURSELF ON my COCK AND SAID, “James, look what the crocodile we will fuck!” – I could not resist.

Chef interviews malenkoy a pretty blonde who came to find work as a Secretary:

– You have the summary says what you type at a speed of 1000 characters per minute. Is this true?

“Right,” the girl answered. And adds, blushing slightly. Such nonsense turns out.

NATO is arming Georgia, the soldiers gave NATO shape, gear. The first building, one no. Begin to look for. Suddenly I see – is.

– Gogi, GDI you beat?

In tuality. I Odil new form, walked down the hallway Posmotri in Zerkalo and got scared!

Mother gave the boy a yellow tape and told never to include. But the boy obeyed my mother turned on the tape and zatocila to death!

Vova was born near wine-vodka shop. It would seem that fate is sealed. But no. He grew up, got a job at a furniture factory and became a drunkard there.

The queer past a building site, working him shouting:

Hey, faggot!

Hey, dirty, smelly rabotajte!

The next day he passes by the same construction, and working him shouting:

Hey, gay!

Hello, gentlemen architects!

– Today I defended his doctoral!

Bullies wanted to take a package of sausage, but I stopped by!

At coterie theatre artists Kuklachev pissed in the shoes of artists, from all other theaters.

Come to the young man’s dark personality.

– This is a robbery! Now! Values here!

– Yes you that, what value! I’m a programmer!

– Oh, then that request! Now! SELECT * FROM `Pockets`!

Gold Chinese women’s pair synchronised diving: only these 2 survived after training discharges into the narrow well.

Railway platform, on the platform stands a man in a padded jacket and duffel bag in hand. Fit two unshaven, big-nosed dark subject.

– Dengi come on.

– Guys, you know, I’m a thug, live by crime, so better go.

Bang, hit in the face, the guy is bleeding.

– Dengi come on!

The guy pulls out a knife and hits one in the stomach. The second I saw it and rushed to escape, the guy behind him. Georgians turns on the run and yells:

– What do you bandit, you maniac.

Monday morning, “briefing” in the principal’s office, all present, except for Petrov. With a delay of 15 minutes, all red and shaggy, with shadows under his eyes falling on to Petrov.


– Petrov, have you been drinking?!


– Well drink. And if you paid more, I would have still ate.

Extract from the rules of the road for pedestrians:

– Where it is necessary for pedestrians to cross the road painted on the road “Zebra”, and there where not supposed to – hang wreaths.

The doctor at the bedside. Patient:

Doctor, tell me, I should know. I can do it, I just need to know. Doctor, I will soon be on the job?

Close your eyes! Feel?

– Silk underwear?

– Better! I shaved the back!

– Female friendship is, she’s just short-lived and ends when the store only has one “cool blouse with a pussy” size 46.

Put together a New Russian mobsters. For a lot of money invited well-known pianist. Here I finished the last chord, there was applause. And then the owner suddenly decided to show off in front of the guests intellect. Suited to the pianist and says:

Now fulfill us, please, “Moonlight Sonata”!

The pianist, in surprise:

– What, again?!

– What stringed instrument is the loudest?

– Woman’s butt. Don’t believe – pinch.

If the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak, why is the flesh always wins?

Housewarming, a lot of guests. The doorbell rang. The door opened by the host. Guest:

– Hello, I roll!

– Yes. And in winter, what are you doing?


– I heard that steel making operations for rejuvenation. Two thousand dollars – and you’re twenty years younger.


– Yes? Well, here’s four thousand dollars – and you get to kick your ass.

The other day one old friend discussed the topic of gifts for birthdays, and he surprised me greatly by telling me about an unusual choice as a gift Dildo for another, our common friend.

And as the familiar uses it?

– I about such details were not asked.

– I would have beat the nail by the balls in the hallway – it would be a great hook for coats. And then when guests come and ask where to hang clothes, can be quite easy to say “Hang up your jacket nyuh!”.

Young trainer Lviv came to get a job in the circus.

– Do you have an experience with the lions? – asked the Director.

– Yes, of course. My father was a trainer, and I learned from him.

Really? You can force lion to jump through hoops?

– Can.

– To build six lions in a pyramid?

– Can too.

– Did you ever stick your head in the lion’s mouth?

– Yes, it was. Once.

– Why only once? – surprised the Director.

– How to tell you. I was looking there for my father.

– To go to the resort with his wife, it is still something to Tula with the samovar!

– Ie? That’s what your samovar to drink?

Become the intelligent is very simple – you just have to throw out a baseball bat from the car and instead put a nice metal putter for Golf.

Earlier in Russia was the custom that if a girl waited for the guy from the army, then cast the gun, if not planted a tree. So let us drink to our primeval forests and only the Tsar cannon!

Cried birch, laughed gooseberry,

Fought for poplar and cherry rose.

Exiting cranberry, sang songs plum,

That sort of thing – diphenhydramine and beer!

– Dad, what do you prefer to drink beer or vodka?

– All depends on the purpose of drinking. To drink beer is the main process, and the drinking of vodka is the result.

– The youth of today is awful dresses! For example, this guy here.

– This is my daughter.

Sorry, I didn’t know you were her father.