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Twenty thousand for a foster child

The problem can be solved if the family goes the money that is spent on the maintenance of orphanages

They decided not to complain and to ask for help, because they ’ s adoptive parents. In need of a priori children will not. They loved other people’s kids as a family and ready to warm children’s hearts. But desire is not enough, you need a strong material base. While state officials decide how to make children’s homes have closed, the adoptive parents know for sure if the family will go the amount that is spent on the maintenance of boarding schools, the need for them will disappear once and for all.

What orphans “fly” the state a lot of money, for anybody not a secret. According to the Ombudsman for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov, per child in the public institutions spent from 300 thousand to 1 million in a year, from 25 to 83 thousand a month. It is clear that this amount includes not only the content of the pupil, but also personnel costs, expensive repairs, etc.

“I came to the post of Commissioner for children’s rights, has travelled around the country, looked and gasped: what money is being spent!” – said the Ombudsman.

The human rights activist thinks: “it is Better to give support to the foster family than to Finance institutions, not always transparent where the money is spent” it is difficult to disagree. Taking children from orphanages, foster families and help children, and the state. “So why help from the state is so small?” – wonder adoptive mom and dad.

– Foster families, the main problem is not psychological, says the Chairman of the Council of women of B. Berezniki region and concurrently foster mother Lyudmila Kuzovatkin. – the People who have dared to take such a step, mentally prepared for it. More difficult material. In our district 38 families – foster, many come to me with one question: “When support will be worthy”? Why is one pupil orphanages monthly give 40 thousand (this number sounded high in the stands a few years ago), and the foster family – crumbs: five and a half thousand – child and three thousand three hundred – for the work of the adoptive parent. This reward is entirely spent on the child, and that he has no money. It is necessary to feed, shoes to wear…Why are only getting ready for school, I have, for example, fifteen thousand left. But if students in the family several? In the area many would have taken the kids, but they don’t have the financial capacity, or does not allow housing. Why isn’t the state help them?

Ludmila Kuzovatkin works as a speech therapist in the child’s Home and knows the situation, that is, from the inside. In social institutions has everything you need: good conditions, healthy and tasty food, caring staff, but there is the main thing – family. When around children change public institutions and hundreds of adults – to preserve mental health is not easy. The answer is obvious: the child is better with mom and dad than in a boarding school.

– Children in state institutions lag behind in development because of lack of attention. In the family they are recovering, and are even those diseases which were considered incurable, – said Lyudmila Ivanovna. – But this is only one side. The other orphans get used to collectivism. They grow on your own, don’t know where all the bread and milk, and what to do, entering into adulthood. Many are not able to create a normal family, and then their children go to boarding schools. It’s a shame that the state itself encourages “certprop”. If society is really important for every child, we need to raise the prestige of foster families, then no public institution is not required. What do I do? At least half of what is spent per child in the orphanage, to give to a foster family.

Meanwhile, some regions were able to place correct accents.

– It is possible to find a solution. What makes, for example, Aman Tuleyev? Shortly after the presidential decree, on January 15, said: take three foster children – get a free apartment. Take a foster child and more – mortgage at zero percent for 20 years, said in an interview «WG” Pavel Astakhov. – The same Governor Tkachev already solves this problem in the Krasnodar region. He thought: “All the same money from the Federal and regional budgets go, I redistribute them, and pay 20 thousand rubles per child per month for foster parents, which we have prepared, trained. Yes, in the first year of the Kuban were the returns of the children in the orphanage – the marriage to work. But it looked like the thing to do, to strengthen support for families, training them – turned out! Tkachev for the year closed 16 children’s homes, orphans, that is, was not enough. And then the Kuban went for the children to Moscow, Novgorod… Exactly because in Novgorod, they foster families pay 6 thousand, and Kuban receive – 20.

– In each subject is its own support – recognizes many children and foster mother Elena Vitulina from Temnikov district. – I join the working group on the programme “Right of the child to the family” in Mordovia and communicate with foster parents in other regions. For example, in the Saratov region has long been on the adopted child was allocated 9 thousand and 6 thousand ’ s parent. Some subjects also give 10 types of furniture: bed, wardrobe, Desk and stationery etc., in a family with five foster kids, give GAZelle. In Moscow, if adopted three children, then get an apartment. And in the North provide housing, if you just take the child to a foster family. This is a very good support! But, as a rule, the more help where children take less…In Mordovia, on the contrary, a lot of foster families, and the region is not rich, so we are very grateful.

– 12 thousand “lifting” – a little help – reflects on why families are afraid to take foster children, extended families and foster mother Elena Sidorova from Ichalkovsky area. – the Child needs to equip the area, to buy bedding. Especially hard for many children. In our family there is only one – dad. I have no way to find a job, you need to care for children, keep the house. Now most medesimo the child was 1.5 years, the payments ended. As a foster family we have a 50% exemption for payment of utility services, and for communal pay a lot. The house is large, constantly cook and wash. If large foster families would give a small reward for each child, for us it would be happiness. This is our main job – to raise and educate children.

With the skeptics who believe that it is impossible to increase payments for foster children, otherwise it can be a business, ready to argue Lyudmila Kuzovatkin. According to her, and many are now looking at adoptive families askance and say that the kids got for the money.

– Did you try it yourself, take – meets spiteful critics Chairman Bolshebereznikovskoe of women Council. – Children take only loving families. For example, in our House, baby several collaborators to become adoptive moms, because really attached to the kids. In addition, foster families passed through the sieve that random people can not be here. To get rich in a Holy dishonest will not succeed! Important assumption: where better for children? If they are happy in foster care, and we need to invest them in the millions.

Photo N. Karanov.

Over the last 5 years the number of children in boarding schools and orphanages of the Republic has decreased in 2,5 times. But at the same time only for 3 years returned from foster families, 84 children. But this is “stone” in the “garden” auditors. According to experts, in order to exclude such cases, selection of families should be more careful and considerate.

The Commissioner for children’s rights in the Republic of Moldova Natalia Yutkina:

Today, boarding schools are closing all over Russia, this trend is also evident in Mordovia, for example, closed children’s homes in Krasnoslobodsk and Ruzaevka. But this should not be an end in itself, the main goal – to arrange the kids in a normal environment.

I must admit that to fully close the orphanages will not work because there are children with severe physical and mental disabilities, but from the classical version, they must go to children’s homes of family type.

The fact that in many regions increased fee for a foster child, – this is a big benefit. But each subject of their capabilities, all live differently. I think that in Mordovia will also be considered this issue. It is not only about money but also about benefits. By the way, is partly the issue could be resolved at the level of municipalities. For example, in some areas of the Republic foster children get free meals at school and this is a good support.