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What do you know about why children lie to parents?


Your son or daughter once again lied to you and not feel remorse, then you should immediately sound the alarm otherwise nothing good with such a child will never grow, and in the family will reign eternal unhealthy situation of lies and misunderstanding. So why kids lie, and how to wean them from this addiction, this need to understand consistently and gradually.

Probably not on earth a single person who always spoke only the truth. Everyone in your life, just once, but lied from some of their motives. But if we are talking about constant lies, especially from the mouth of a child, danger is not far off. And to stop the process immediately – tactfully and wisely, skillfully. If the child is constantly lying, what to do with such an ingrained habit? You first need to sort out their inside the family, to look at them from the side.

Maybe you are not sincere in dealing with each other. Especially tragic is the situation when one spouse is leading a double life, while constantly deceiving and svorachivayasi in front of his family and hoping that the kid doesn’t understand what is happening the difficult situation in the family. But the child, like a sponge, absorbing everything happening around him. And if he sees that cheating helps an adult to hide all sorts of bugs and issues, then of course he will adopt appropriate misbehavior.

It is possible that you have repeatedly lied to their child with all sorts of expectations, for example, to go to the Park or to go to the sea, and maybe to buy something. Often and the numerous questions children parents are responsible deceitful and ill-conceived. Many people mistakenly believe that for the little man there is no need to especially try to think through every word, will cost any replies. But time passes, and the child begins to understand that he had been deceived, easily and simply, if you can do an adult, then why not make him. Many children really wonder, what is so wrong they have done, when lie said, because parents and other adults also make them for it and no one scolds. Therefore, understand for once and for all is the main reason why children lie to parents is parents themselves!

If the family supports honest and trusting relationship, lies in a tight-knit community, as a rule, excluded. Become a friend for their child. These are not empty words, it is the Foundation of your relationship. Depends on you, who let you in this world, and how you will include the son or daughter in the future. Of course, there is nothing to rely on open and friendly relationship if returning from work you indifferent and unconcerned with the problems of their child. Sorely mistaken are those parents who think that important things can only be they at work or somewhere else.

Every parent must understand that your child is the reflection of your relationship in the family. And it will be beautiful or crooked, up to you! So once again pay attention to their own behaviour and, of course sincerity in dealing not only with the child but also with the people around you.

Another reason lies among children can become greed. Don’t be surprised, but this factor psychologists around the world reveal the most. Most of it is more frequent in children from disadvantaged families, deprived of communication with parents needs in a friendly and inviting for open dialogue form. These children are not just lying, but I can steal other people’s things, like toys in the garden. Because simply they want, and at home. then there are inventions, like, found, donated or exchanged, and so on.

If the parents of such child are closely monitoring his behavior, and the more you know and remember all of his toys, such unexpected gifts will have to live with the anxiety and the desire to understand how the child is telling the truth or Vice versa. But if it turns out that the kid lied, you must immediately return the toy to the owner, and the child to explain more lucidly, who will grow in the future, if he doesn’t stop to someone else, and where it may end up being. Just blame the children in this case is silly and useless. In addition to the anger and alienation that will not work.

Only a sincere heart-to-heart. No matter what age was the child, he will always feel the sincerity or the falseness in your relationship and will love you back. Very well, if your son or daughter see and understand what grief bring my misconduct, and thereby lose credibility and respect. And in the end, the fear, as one of the major reasons of such behavior, often forcing children to speak the truth. If you strictly punish their child for the slightest offense, call them unflattering words for the broken toy or a broken plate, what is the truth waiting for later?!

It just can’t be, the child will be scared of you! But in addition to their own relations, pay special attention to the environment in which rotates your baby. Special monitoring of the conduct must take place in the period when the child started school. You will not be able to control it in all day, which means an adverse impact from the side can greatly damage his behavior. It is very sad that in recent times, with television screens and cinemas you can watch such filth that’s been the mentality of even an adult.

Of course, the child and especially a teenager, can not see all this informative dirt that teaches only to lie and to commit the basest and meanest acts. And that the swamp swallowed it up over time, finally, you, as parents and closest relatives, have an obligation to protect their child wise love, good advice, always willing to help, the child needs to be sure. Then he will be able to understand good and evil, and to choose for themselves the first time and forever.

And if you are worried that your child lied and did not know what to do, the first thing you notice is the trust. If your child will be open in a relationship with you, if he sees a sincere love and affection, it is natural he should be ashamed of his deception. and such should not be repeated.

Summing up, it should be noted that there are no bad behavior for no reason. Is she in the family or formed due to the influence of any unauthorized persons is not so important. The main thing is that you have time to pay attention to your child, on his feelings, which, believe me, he’s no less than you. And if he doesn’t see in you is faithful and constant friend, and trust it will lose forever. To avoid this eliminate the arrogance of their behavior, Fear is not the best companion in the relationship between loving people. And if the house settled love, lies and other negative leave him forever.