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What is baby crying?

“What would the child have anything he wants — just do not cry” — I think parents, inventing means to take a crying baby, so he didn’t disturb them to do their business. However, folk wisdom that gave birth to the proverb, in another: the child should not cry.

Crying is the only child a way to communicate with the outside world. This way the baby expresses its discomfort, the hunger, that he is bad. A healthy well-groomed the baby will not cry if eliminated all the probable cause of his discomfort.

These are the main causes of crying newborn:

the need for physical contact with the mother;

the hunger, the desire to take the breast, to satisfy the sucking reflex;

anxiety or fear (toddler could scare a sharp sound or bright light);

the feeling of fatigue, a desire to sleep ;

the need to empty the bowel or bladder;

malaise (intracranial pressure, hypertonia, hypotonia, irritability, early infectious or respiratory diseases, skin disease or rash, physiological phenomenon of the adaptation period abdominal pain, colic);

discomfort, uncomfortable position (baby can change position);

dissatisfaction with contact with the mother or the environment;

the desire to shake;

reaction to geomagnetic or atmospheric phenomena, the phases of the moon.

How to practice to raise a child without crying? European mother responds to the cry of his child on average in one minute — usually she picks him up and soothes. Children, born there, where still remained primitive civilization, cry as often, but time is halved. The African response to the mother occurs after 10 seconds and is that baby is brought to the breast: there children are fed about 4 times per hour, no schedule”,

Giving such a quick response to the mother? Crying — baby please for help — not ignored, and it is in the child forms a favorable impression of the world, which he mastered. The sooner the mother comes to the child for help, the less it suffers the nervous system.

So, what should parents do if the child cries?

1. Take the baby in his arms and give the Breasts. If the child does not calm down or refuses to take the breast is to find out the cause of crying. To do this:

2. To offer the child to go poop or pee, or change the diaper if he’s already done that himself.

3. To try to wiggle, sing Kolybelnaya and put them to bed.

4. To eliminate the irritants of the skin: check your clothing or diapers, no diaper rash or rashes, check the condition of the bed.

5. Many children feel more comfortable if they are swaddled (heat and stiffness remind your child sensations in the womb);

6. If the baby was crying from boredom, it can benefit a small tour of the apartment;

7. If baby is breastfed, to exclude water and other input products.

8. The child may respond to stimulation mom or overall unfriendly atmosphere in the family. My mother and others need to calm down and to find and eliminate the source of irritation.

If these measures do not work?

Probably the kid is ill and need to call a doctor.

Waiting specialists carry the child in her arms, often apply to the breast, change diapers and watch the skin — these measures are in any way improve the condition of the baby.