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Why is the child crying?


Newborns often give voice to them is the only way to inform that something is wrong. How to understand the intonations of a child’s crying? Do I need to rush headlong to the kid on the first call? This question has no definite answer. On the one hand, just so the child is not crying and the moms task is to remove the cause of disturbance. On the other hand, have always migrated to the mother, especially if she can’t rely on home care, it’s just nerves. And what does the collective mind?

What is crying?

The cry, the call is 5-6 seconds of screaming, then the half-minute pause, then cry again and again pause: the child listens, not the mother. If the mother is not fit, the gaps between the Creek gradually reduced until the wailing becomes permanent.

Hungry crying begins with the call up. Then it all depends on my mother’s actions. If picked up, but not offering to eat — should a sudden shout, the child begins to look for the breast, turning her head around and poking nose in mom’s blouse. If the mother does not respond, the crying becomes demanding and grows into a choking cry.

When pain crying even, and when to endure unbearable, interrupted by loud bursts.

Squeak or a groan, a signal that the child is going to pee or to poop.

If the child cries when urinating or defecating, it indicates cystitis, cracks in the anus, phimosis in boys and genital tract infections in girls. Treatment in all these cases is prescribed by the pediatrician.

The baby was irritable, crying, screaming. Anxiety increases when changing nappies or diapers. It seems that the child has a diaper rash. Symptoms – redness and rash in the crotch area. Diaper dermatitis treated with special creams after consulting a doctor.

The child is cranky, refuses the breast, crying during feeding and swallowing. Gently press down on the trestle – protruding cartilage of the ear. If the cry turns into a scream, then the baby inflammation of the middle ear. Temperature with otitis may not be increased. Urgently consult with lorom: OTITIS media is fraught with complications.

A loud and sharp cry occurs on the background of disorders of stools, vomiting, and fever, baby restless legs kicks. We cannot exclude acute intestinal infection.

Any abdominal pain deserves attention. When a child screams, always check the condition of his tummy. In that moment, when he takes a breath to cry, feel the belly: if it is solid, call your doctor immediately.

The child is tense, agitated, screams,abundantly spits up or vomits, the fontanel becomes convex. Immediately call an ambulance: it is usually so begins meningitis or meningo-encephalitis – inflammation of the tissue and membranes of the brain.

A plaintive whimper, accompanied by yawning, talking about the desire to sleep.

Why is he crying?

From hunger. It is worth offering the baby the breast or a bottle of formula, and the screaming stops.

Innate sucking reflex demands satisfaction. If the child is not hungry and refuses the breast, will have to offer him a pacifier.

He was tired but unable to sleep. So, time to sing a lullaby, gently stroking the baby on the back and rocking.

He wants to empty the bowel, but can’t do it yourself. Massage his tummy, moving my hand hourly clockwise around the navel.

He is cold or hot. Touch the back of her hand, neck, or folds on the body. If cold, wear a baby. If the child is red and sweaty, put him in a light vest and offer the breast or the bottle.

He wet. Usually, before you do your business, kid groans or magazines. If the mother is not in a hurry to help, the squeak can develop into a scream. Everything is clear: change a diaper or nappy.

He was bored, lonely and want to mom. In this case, also heard the call of weeping: the baby cries, then stops, then again mother calls. Do not deny your baby and yourself the pleasure to pick him up and talk to him.

He needs to speak out. This is evidenced by regular bitter and inconsolable crying, worse in the evening hours. Child is difficult to adapt to a new life outside the womb. It falls a lot of emotional and physical stimuli; to cope with them, he “vyplakivat” stress. Usually 3-5 months, the crying stops.

He’s scared. He was startled by a sudden sound or sudden movement of their own pens. Maybe once he’d swallowed while swimming — and now racked with tears at the sight of the baths.

It’s embarrassing to lie. Up to three months to change position independently of the kid does not know how and calls mom.

He’s in pain. In newborns, unlike adults, pain is rarely localized: breastfed baby hurt everywhere. That is what he wants to say to the child, who was crying uncontrollably, screaming, frantically raising his arms and legs. If the cry is hard not terminated, the baby won’t eat and can’t settle down even at you on hands, dial the number of a doctor.

Myths about crying

The baby crying is good – so he develops lungs.

For the proper development of the lungs simply breathing. It is difficult to imagine a happy life little one, crying “for training”. Incidentally, the author of the idea about the development of infant lungs through the crying was the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who had no children.

Refusing to take the kid on hands, parents violate the delicate relationship with the child, and then, years later, wonder why Scion doesn’t trust them. Parent to child protection, and athletic trainer, and method of delivery from point A to point B, and needed affection. The children, who were not denied “handles”, a healthier nervous system, smaller systems, and they know how to enjoy life.

Baby, they say, will understand that the parents don’t throw to him on every “weak”, and will never be to cry “over nothing”. Most often this approach occurs if the mother is feeding the child on demand and bounds. The schedule cannot be derogated from for a minute, but for now let screamed! But two identical children do not happen, and the graphics came up with pediatricians for the average (i.e. non-existent) child. Wait a few weeks: the child will set the mode, which is convenient for both of you, and tears will be less.

Dummy – saving for the mother.

Even the staunchest opponents pacifiers, not withstanding the constant roar, sooner or later shoved the kid that “bung”. It relaxes hypertonic excitable kids and satisfies sucking reflex, but at the same time prevents proper growth and development of the facial skeleton that deforms the bite. So there may be a compromise: give a pacifier at bedtime, but immediately after falling asleep from her quietly disposed of.

Sore point

Baby restless legs kicks, plaintively crying, falling down at the Creek when the passage of gases. It is colic, one of the most common causes of infant crying. Pain worse after feeding. Ensure timely discharge of air and gases: during feeding, ensure that the child correctly took a chest, hold his post a few minutes after eating. Helps massage the belly clockwise with warm diaper on a stomach or contact “skin to skin”, feheley tea and dill water. Also required adjustment of the diet mom.

The baby cries during feeding, refuses the breast. If the mucosa of the mouth is inflamed, ulcerated — the child stomatitis. Treatment prescribed by a doctor.

Baby about six months, he Drools most, redden and swell the gums, the baby becomes cranky: not far off the first tooth. Doctor’s consultation is required if the temperature has risen, violated appetite and a chair.

When the atmospheric pressure when the weather changes, the baby begins to worry and cry. This toddler migraine. The child should consult a neurologist. The attacks stopped about half a year.